Friday, August 28, 2009

Vampires Suck

They're everywhere: books, movies, t.v. shows, you name it. True, they're presence isn't a new phenomenon. Vampires have been fixtures in pop culture for years, but recently it seems that they are becoming over exposed. At least to me, anyway.

I'm not against vampires really. I'm a fan of Interview With a Vampire (The movie in this case. Haven't read the book, unfortunately.) I've also read all of the books in the Twilight series (at my friend's request). And, although I'm team Jacob, I still wouldn't throw Edward Cullen out of bed (or Robby Rob for that matter).

I've seen a couple episodes of True Blood and have resisted becoming invested in it only because, for me, vampires have lost their appeal. If they're everywhere they're no longer dangerous or alluring, just annoying.

There can be too much of a good thing and at this point vampires should stay in the dark for a while.


  1. I agree with you, Sally, vampires do suck (nice play on words by the way). It seems like that whole goth/emo style has become the new "fad." It all started with the Twilight books and young, teenage girls. It's amazing the power that teenage girls can have on what's currently popular. It doesn't make me want to be a part of it; it makes me really annoyed and makes me full of disgust towards it.

  2. I completely agree. I'm even a fan of good vampire stuff. Buffy has ugly vampires. That's what made it different. They're not sexy or alluring (besides Angel for those who find David Boreanaz attractive). I enjoy the Blade movies, especially Guillermo del Toro's successfully scary attempt at the sequel to the first Blade movie. And now I'm a fan of True Blood and all its criticalness social significance. But I think right now...there's too much. Way too much. Now there's a new one for the fall? No thanks.

  3. They say things go in cycles. In which case, Vampires must be the on the heave of the upswing right now. Their over-exposure has made me wonder if they might be overstaying their welcome as others have mentioned. I saw a little bit of the Twilight movie and didn't see the hype in it - I can't speak for the books. We will see how long this fad fueled by Twilight among many others will last but for the record - Edward Cullen is one of the most over-rated guys in Hollywood in my opinion. Teen girls will find new a new heart-throb king soon enough. Mark these words.

    "Like the south, vampires, and Britney Spears, we will rise again" (a quote from a recent SNL skit)