Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worse Off Without Ted...Trust Me

You guys! I’m sure you missed it, just like everyone else…Better Off Ted, ABC’s quirky short summer show. I loved it. The main character Ted breaks the fourth wall: just like Malcolm in the Middle…or Deadpool. Most of the company’s inventions are so ridiculous that it’s hilarious and you don’t bother thinking that it’s not even possible, like in “Racial Sensitivity” with doors that open only when light is reflected and detected, so black people can’t open doors and are often trapped and have to sleep overnight in the company building. Even if they’re wearing white? It doesn’t matter. It was the funniest episode.

Let me inform you on the brilliant casting and characters: Ted, played by Jay Herrington, is suave and sophisticated—everybody loves him, even all the men; the brilliant Portia de Rossi plays Ted’s boss Veronica and the floor’s boss, and everyone is intimated and scared by her…it’s the power hair; Andrea Anders plays Linda the naïve, sweet, rational girl next door that tries too hard and does not fit in with the cut-throat, irrational, unsafe corporate world of Veridion Dynamics; the two scientists that develop and test new products Phil and Lem, played respectively by Jonathan Slavin and Malcolm Barrett, are goofy and socially awkward and have a slightly homosexual attraction to each other; and then there’s Rose, Ted’s daughter, and possibly the sanest and wisest person in the entire show.

The best part of the show may be the Verdian Dynamics commercials, always having to do with the episode’s theme or the company’s products. The show is non-stop laugh-out-loud funny. If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, you’d love this show. There is the complication of the main storyline being a love interest between two characters, but they keep dancing around it. When one comes to his or her senses, it’s too late. It worked with Pam and Jim on The Office, but anyone remember Good Morning, Miami? The boy and girl got together at the end of the first season. Then there was no reason to watch. They got together. Then what? Perhaps the creators knew that they wouldn’t be renewed and provided a happy ending for fans. The same thing is bound to happen to this brilliant show. No one can look past the entertainment of a struggling love triangle. Sad.

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