Thursday, August 27, 2009

Totally Psyched!

A co-worker had told me I reminded her of the show Psych, and I wanted to know why, so I watched the episodes available on hulu. Turns out, I was addicted, as if I wasn’t addicted to enough TV already. It’s just started its fourth season, and it’s the best yet.

Season three introduced guest stars galore who are still on (hopefully I didn’t spoil anything for those who don’t watch or haven’t seen the fourth season): reoccurring characters of faux-psychic Shawn’s lady friend Abigail played by Rachel Leigh Cook, whom I now admire after seeing her on the show and in the recent indie movie Bob Funk, and Shawn’s mom Madeleine played by Cybill Shepherd. And side note: Maggie Lawson has never looked better on the show! Mmmm. The third season also gave us Chief Karen Vick’s sister Commander Barbara Dunlap played by JANE LYNCH! Hell yeah! As you all know by now, I love Jane, the busiest person in show business. I can’t wait to see who guest stars this season!

I think you can start watching with season 4, episode 1. Catch it while you can on hulu before it goes away! It’s not necessary to catch up with the earlier seasons; besides Shawn is incredibly annoying in the first season with over-the-top fake-psychic outbursts. Between the insanely hilarious dynamics of the psychic team of Shawn and his best friend Gus, the show provides us 80’s pop culture references out the wazoo and a pineapple Easter egg every episode in visual or audio form. It’s always fun anticipating when and where the prickly fruit will show up. If you know someone else who’s a fan, hide some pineapples where they go every day. I’m printing some pineapple pictures off so I can place them all over my co-workers room. It’ll be like an Easter egg hunt every day!

Psych airs Fridays, but it’s on break at the moment. Hold tight! It’s just getting good!

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