Friday, September 16, 2011

Chloe King's Nine Lives Are Used Up

Skyler Samuels
ABC Family has just pulled the plug on the adorably dramatic The Nine Lives of Chloe King, but it's looking to the future with a new show Strut by Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.  Nine Lives followed the trials of The Uniter, Chloe King, who suddenly wakes up (after dying) to find that she revived and has feral powers.  She had to deal with her human life and her Mai life.  Poor Chloe found love on both sides of the fence.  Being fiercely protected by her fellow Mai, she feels caged and has to break rules put on her.  It's nice to see a young independent lady making decisions for the just and good.  Chloe's decisions often put her in danger, but she risks her life to save others or to do what's right.

The role of The Uniter means different things to different people.  To those keeping an eye on her, she was destined to unite the Mai people.  For Chloe, it's uniting the Mai and the humans.  Skyler Samuels is adorable as Chloe, and you don't care that the show is so melodramatic because she makes it seem less so.  Also, Skyler Samuels would make a super amazing Husk in an X-Men movie.  And Alicia Coppola is fantastic as Valentina, the leader of the Mai, not mention super sexy.  There's nothing like a strong female character, and this show has plenty.

Alicia Coppola

Strut is centered around a Las Vegas showgirl who makes a very drunken mistake and marries a Texan and thereby moving to Texas.  She then helps the local high school's drill team by using her...unique reinvigorate the troop.

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