Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Endings Live Review

The sound was awful, so the online viewers couldn't hear as well, but what I could hear was brilliantly hilarious.  This makes you see the cast as they interact with each other and play off one another's jokes.  They truly do have a comedic rapport that feeds off each other in a very natural and respectful way.  Adam Pally (Max) and Casey Wilson (Penny) were brilliant as hosts, feeding off each other.  Read on for more about it, or simply watch it at yowie.

First Palley takes us on an imaginary car ride to reproduce his Riding Shotgun with Adam Pally videos for Funny or Die with fellow cast mate Elisha Cuthbert (Alex), It's Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney, and It's Always Sunny and Happy Endings now-recurring guest Derek Waters.

The online feed cut out for Damon Wayans, Junior's (Brad) 10-minute stand-up.  Whether this is for legal reasons or for technical difficulties is unknown.

Eliza Coupe's (Jane) Claire-Danes-as-Temple-Grandin skit was spot-on (even though I felt horrible for laughing at it) as she sang a song called "I Think in Pictures".  And it's super catchy.  Thanks, Eliza, for making me laugh at one of my heroes.

Producer Jonathan Groff came out for a couple minutes to do a joke and introduce the two biggest Happy Endings fans to host an interview with the cast.  But it was Happy Endings writers Gil Ozeri (the Krav Maga instructor) and Jackie Clarke in disguise hosting the cast skits and interview panel.  A question for Adam: "How does it feel to play the first fat person on television?"  Also, "What's it like being on the cast of Friends?" in an attempt to play off the constant critical comparisons to Friends.

Overall, very funny, fast-paced, but short.  Very short, especially for those of us who missed Wayans' performance.

The show is archived, so you can watch it.

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