Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Showtime's Time to Shine

I totally forgot to tell my dearest readers about Homeland's debut.  It's one I've been waiting to watch, and I can!  The lovely and talented Claire Danes returns to TV in an twisted tale as a CIA agent, determined to find the truth about why a POW was released after years of imprisonment in Afghanistan.  She's trying to see what no one else will, that there is a sinister plot veiled beneath the surface of the soldier's homecoming.  The first episode can be watched after the jump, but it officially debuts on Showtime October 2.  Mandy Patinkin ("You killed my father, prepare to die!") also stars.

What do you think?  Worth a watch?  Do you think that it will feed the anti-Muslim hysteria or will it attempt to differentiate between radical Muslim terrorists groups and other harmless Muslims?  I hope the latter; it doesn't ever happen in Western television.

I'm also looking forward to Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell's House of Lies, where their characters are high-end consultants that take care of morally ambiguous situations.  Bell refers to it as a dark comedy.  Color me excited!  Ben Schwartz, everybody's loveable nerd that plays Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation, and Anna Camp, that lady to who is in a lot of shit, also star.  House of Lies is set to premiere January 8 at 10 on Showtime.

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