Monday, October 12, 2009

Awesome Movie Highlight: No. 5--Stardust


I like how when Sally and I went to see this in the theater, everyone else either never heard of it or saw a preview and thought it looked stupid. We were made fun of for it being fantasy and/or a fairytale. People, it’s so much more! I’d consider it a comedy over anything. Robert DeNiro’s performance was stellar as the flamboyantly gay Captain Shakespeare. Claire Danes is a literal fallen star and shines in her fitting role. Michelle Pfeiffer is an evil witch, obsessed with devouring the heart of a star to gain youth for a period of time. It was also my first exposure to Sienna Miller, who coincidentally was the same person in every movie she’s been in: a bitchy whore (often drunken as well). When it came out on DVD, people saw it, especially after I hyped it up, and guess what! They loved it! Don’t mock a movie until you see it! Oh, yeah, and Sir Ian McKellan narrates!

“You know... an interesting fact, actually - the first champagne glass was molded on the left breast of Marie Antoinette. I don't know if there was something wrong... with her right one.” -Tristan (Charlie Cox)

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