Thursday, October 8, 2009

TV Time: Ike is Growing Up!

So the past couple days have been awesome, you guys!

Holy crap!!! The mash ups were excellent and so fun. I loved all the crazy "mash ups" of the adult couples. But best of all was Jane Lynch's dialogue. That's what's brilliant about the show other than the music: the witty, insane, off-the-wall dialogue!

Cougar Town
Disappointing. That is all.

Modern Family
I loved all the relationships going on but most of all Alex and Gloria bonding and Claire and Manny. Manny offers advice to Claire, who is considerably older than him (since he's what...ten?), which in itself is hilarious that she takes him so seriously. I'm madly in lvoe with this show and its dry humor.

South Park
I was hoping this would happen, and it did. Figures Cartman would be a Billy Mays fan and that Michael Jackson would hold everyone up in Purgatory. I was disappointed, though, that Bea Arthur didn't have any lines. Even Swayze had a line! Somehow, South Park combines so much criticism all in one episode: child beauty pageants, ghost hunters, infomercials, Chipotle-induced bloody stool, and dead celebrities. It all blended well together; I loved the beauty pageant and Chipotle jokes. And Ike has had more lines than ever. And he sounded like he was starting to get older! Exciting!
Dead celebrities include: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Natasha Richardson, Billy Mays, Bea Arthur, Tom DeLuise, Ted Kennedy, John Hughes, Walter Cronkite, Ed McMahon, David Carradine, and Les Paul.

Meh. This show is still not impressing me, although I did like the bonding between Jeff and Shirley. By far the best part, making me roll on the floor laughing, especially at the small nipples part. Coming in close is the credits with Troy and Abed doing something stupid or insane.

Parks & Recreation
This show is impressing me like crazy. I love everyone on the cast. I think it's less interesting that Tom is married to a bombshell only so she could get her green card since she was from Canada. Leslie was adorably hilarious, especially with all her date screw-ups. I hope there's more on the DVD's deleted scenes. So far every one of April's lines this season have had me crying from laughing so hard. It's the "less is more" tactic. She was great last week, but this week her last line on the episode was so fantastic about her being completely ignored by her co-workers and she's done the most outrageous things. The office's competition to see who had the least dirt on them in case any of them ran for office was brilliant. This show is quickly climbing to the top of my top show list.

The Office
You guys, this is was I was hoping for! Again, I hope there's more dancing on the DVD's deleted scenes, since the dancing makes me crack up. The episode had the right mixture of suspense, hilarity, romance, awkwardness, and DANCING! And Andy's sexuality comes into play again, as he now has a possible Oedipal complex on top of his possible homosexuality and flirtation with his lady cousin. But really, Andy really was awesome in his orange clothes and his injury. Kevin and Oscar--a couple...could it happen? Also very funny. I love how the cast copied the wedding party entrance video. So good, especially when Dwight kicks his ex-lover in the face and Angela walks down the isle stiffly. I think this episode worked out well for everyone and really shined in characterization. I also think the beginning was one of the best and grossest openings yet. The chain reaction had me cackling like a witch on helium. Good job, Pam!

Paris Hilton gets her head chopped off. Nice. It's like older episodes where they are standalones and there's demon problems that arise in small towns all over the U.S. The brothers are back in full swing. It's funny: Supernatural tends to have a lot of social criticism these days. This episode's is celebrity idolatry. And I love the snarky reference to House of Wax as Paris and Jared are in the same scene together. Hilarious. Big swollen thumbs up to this episode.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Awesome episode tonight. The gang tries to intervene with Fran's drug and alcohol problem, and as they do, they all find fault with each other and try to have interventions with every character. It turns into a sloppy fiasco. Surprisingly the intervention director doesn't fall off the edge with them or try to intervene in all their lives, since they all are now drinking wine out of a diet cola can because it doesn't spill and no one can tell you're drinking wine. I think I might try that...

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