Monday, October 5, 2009

Things That Annoy Me: Celebrity Gossip Shows

Celebrity gossip shows. Why do these exist? Access Hollywood, Extra, whatever else there is…I’m watching the news, don’t pay attention when commercials come on and all of the sudden obnoxious sounds are blaring into my ears, like a mix of howler monkeys, malfunctioning machines, pooping babies, and rocket ships, interchanging with strange voices that mock news anchors in a William Shatner voice. I cringe in utter annoyance and run to the TV to turn it off. Why do I care about celebrities’ personal lives unless I actually know them? I don’t care who’s married or who’s cheated on whom. I didn’t even know who these John and Kate people were until a few months ago when John was having an affair and it’s was all over the news (REALLY?! National News?!).

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