Friday, October 2, 2009

Awesome Movie Highlight: No. 8--Songcatcher


Emmy Rossum debuts in this film about preserving the old British Isle tunes and preserving them with accuracy and heart. None knew how the songs originally sounded, but because of the seclusion of the Appalachian mountain folk, the songs are preserved in the form closest to their origin and in their purest form. The music makes the movie. It also shows us that sometimes scholars, those who are so highly regarded, are also the most ignorant of the subjects they specialize in. With themes of nature vs. urbanization, ignorance and intolerance vs. sexuality and individual freedom, responsibility vs. irresponsibility, formal education vs. experienced education, greed vs. happiness, among so many others, Songcatcher. PS--Check out all the soundtracks. Dolly Parton sings a self-penned duet with Rossum, and Sara Evans sings "Mary of the Wild Moor."

“Alice, you're gonna have to keep Reese away from you. Well, if you don't want butter, you gotta pull the dasher out in time.” -Viney Butler (Pat Carroll)

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