Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy Cancellations: Sons & Daughters

This crisp show was a spark that never caught fire. Comedies without laugh tracks did not exist too often. This was around The Office’s surge in popularity, but before other comedies followed in witty dry humor. It was lost coming in midseason as a transition between a cancellation and a new show and irregular scheduling. ABC could have had a hit if they aired S&D the next fall season. To make things better, it wasn’t scripted but improvised, which makes the cast even more impressive in its delivery. The way they all play off each other like they were all actually related was truly special. The realistic portrayals, complete with stumbling, mumbling, and stuttering, make it relatable. Think: Modern Family but funnier and bigger family, creating more problems and more rumors that spin out of proportion! I love that it took place and actually filmed in mid-Ohio (around Hamilton) about middle class people, who often struggled for money, a problem which is not touched upon often. And some jokes were based up on that, which may seem funnier if you live in the area like me.

The show starred Fred Goss (creator, director, and writer) as Cameron Walker in his second marriage with Liz, played by the quick-witted slightly-insane Gillian Vigman, complete with his teenaged outcast and possibly crossdresser Henry played by Trevor Einhorn and their son together Ezra (Noah Matthews). The Geico Guy Jerry Lambert plays the extremely awkward and asexual Don Fenton, and his whiny wife Sharon is played by the brilliantly sharp Alison Quinn. Her slight lisp was adorable, and her lines were always delivered with perfection and reality. Eden Sher (who was completely awesome in The Middleman as a fowl-tongued alien mercenary of the highest rank) played their daughter Carrie, and Randy Wayne played their son Jeff. Amanda Walsh’s Jenna Halbert was constantly torn between her stupid ex Whitey played by Greg Pitts and her handsome, shy boss Wylie, played by the awesome Desmond Harrington. Max Gail and Dee Wallace played the siblings’ parents Wendall and Colleen, who announced the first episode their pending divorce. Lois Hall played the knee-slappingly-hilarious Aunt Rae. And there was even a guest spot by Step by Step alum Christine Lakin.

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