Thursday, October 1, 2009

Movie of the Week: Pandorum

The race to find a new planet due diminishing and extinct earth resources seem to be a popular theme these days, and Pandorum excels in this category. The film follows Ben Foster's character Bower and his supervisor Payton, played by Dennis Quaid, when they wake up from cryogenic freezing. In the thriller film, Pandorum is a disorder triggered by a reaction to space travel. Knowing that information leads us on a goose chase to figure out who has Pandorum. Not only is that going on, but there are creatures on board killing and eating everyone that moves. How did they get on board? What are they? We find out bits and pieces as we progress through the film. I was on edge the entire film and was very surprised in its ending. It's genius! I love the movie like crazy, and I can't wait to watch it again. It's one of those thrillers where the characters are intriguing and the plot intricate and layered.

And I can't not talk about the acting. Anything with Ben Foster is AMAZING, just because he makes it so. This guy....ah! He's a brilliant actor! And the newbie Antje Traue makes her mark on American cinema as Nadia, the uber-awesome badass that's been awake from frozen slumber for a few months. She knows the ropes on how to evade the creatures and how to protect life, as that was her original duty on board to carry Earth's habitation to the new planet. Dennis Quaid has always been an okay actor to me, and this continues to prove that. I mean, he's good, but not fantastic. He's the same character in every movie. But despite that, it's all still awesome. You guys! Go see this movie!

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