Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nerdy News: Rachael Harris joins Cougar Town!!!

Just when Cougar Town was digging a rut, unable to get itself out of a snowy ditch, it just may pick up with Rachael Harris coming to town for a little competition against Jules, as Harris's character's husband begins to crush on Jules. Awesome. Even though Christa Miller is funny on the show, her extreme plastic surgeries have made me not want to look at her. Did she get a Michael Jackson nose to honor his death? I hope the classy AND nerdy Rachael Harris gets to take some of her screen time. Even Courteney Cox's botox didn't look bad, just noticeable. Now if we got Kristen Bell to guest star on any show at all, I'd watch it.

And look forward to Sally's upcoming post about Glee. Bust time for her having her brother's wedding this weekend. Now that I've posted this Sally must post about Glee or she sucks hardcore. And look for a feminist post from me and a highlight about Legend of the Seeker, as well as wrapping up my top 10 movies.

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