Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome Movie Highlight: No. 10--Evening

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll post my top ten movies and reasons why they're in my top ten. Surprisingly there's a lot of dramas and Nicole Kidman. I tend to not enjoy either. So I'm shocked at my own choices sometimes.


Evening is based on Susan Minot’s same-titled novel of a woman on her death bed, confusing the present and the past. What’s real and what’s not? Wonderful acting, especially by the rarely-seen-on-screen Glenn Close. Everything about the movie makes me want to watch it again and again. On top of that, Claire Danes does her own singing! Cue swoon! Other stars include veteran Venessa Graves, the lovable Hugh Dancy, the multi-faceted Toni Collete, the man of men Patrick Wilson, the versatile acting goddess Meryl Streep, Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer, and recently departed daughter of Redgrave Natasha Richardson. You can’t go wrong with the most talented cast in Hollywood. It was totally underrated and misunderstood and flew under the radar and will continue to do so, making me utterly sad. Complexity, unfortunately is lost within the typical moviegoer’s…moviegoing.

“We are mysterious creatures, aren't we? And at the end so much of it turns out not to matter.”

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