Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celtic Corner: Cara Dillon

I failed to mention that Cara Dillon's newest release came out in the U.S. last Tuesday. I failed to mention it because I already ordered it in the spring from the U.K. I'm that nerdy. Listen, every single time I suggest Cara Dillon to somebody, they end up loving her. Why? Listen and find out for yourself. Her voice captures the winding, lush, rustic land of old Ireland. Her cover of Tommy Sands' "There Were Roses" is what addicted me to her music. And to Tommy Sands. Her latest album Hill of Thieves falls back to more traditional sounds as she covers more traditional songs. The only self-penned tune is her title track, and it's my favorite. Every track is Irish to the core, even through the very last tune "Fil, Fil A Run O." In between are gems such as "The Parting Glass" and "P Stands For Paddy," where Dillon gets a rare chance to sing an upbeat tune. Doesn't happen often, but I don't mind one bit! Another highlight is "Spencer the Rover," guest starring her brother in-law and AMAZING talent Seth Lakeman on vocals and guitar. You guys, Cara Dillon will be your most favorite person EVER!

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