Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mickey Mouse joins the Avengers!

Disney has bought Marvel for only 4 billion dollars! 4 billion! Marvel is a cash cow these days. With Marvel rides and characters all around Universal Studios Theme Park, I can see that. And I guess that's what they get for at temporarily keeping the entire Marvel staff. Hopefully they don't slowly fire them all and give a new line of comics. I think they want to expand from superhero comics to more of the literary graphic novels. I think it's a great idea! Marvel has been lacking in those, but definitely not great writers or critical depth. And then there's lines like X-Force and The Punisher, which is incredibly bloody and violent. Will it last? Will they demand that the creators take out a lot of the gore? If so, will it work anymore? You can't have a team of sharp objects and bullets without blood! I guarantee that at the free comic book day next year Spider-man and Goofy will have a team-up. "Garsh, Spidey!" Hopefully the animalistic cast won't touch our sweet, sweet comics.


  1. I'm optimistic about it. I think Disney will help Marvel branch out. I can see a lot of comics geared towards younger readers that have things like Goofy and Spider-Man teaming up, but why would they chase off the demographic comics are most popular with (or at least it seems to me), the college to early adult age? Disney is just trying even more to take over the world, and that's what bothers me most of all.

  2. I think it'll be good. I'm not too worried.

    Indeed, I'm afraid Oprah and Disney will be a conglomerate that will actually take over the world, one woman and child at a time!