Thursday, September 24, 2009

Geek Chic: The James Joyce

TWEED!!!!! You guys, tweed is so in again. The seventies and eighties brought in the popularity of tweed jackets, but I've been seeing them again, as well as tweed vests and caps. I went to an Irish festival last weekend, and nearly every person had on a tweed cap, man and woman. I don't see them just at Irish festivals, but also in everyday circumstances. How fun! I love my tweed cap. You can wear them with anything, and in the winter, they look friggin sweet with a nice pea coat. The Irish look is natural and comfy, yet stylish. Irish designer Zoe Boomer said of what she likes and what trends seem to be in style in Ireland from what I've seen: "I love individual styles with personality not necessarily following the trends but looking stylish and well put together, in garments that suit their figure. I'm not a fan of too grungy or too perfect. I love when women look well dressed especially if they have natural hair and make-up. To me a natural finish makes them look more stylish and real." Fully agreed, Lady Boomer!

Also, as of this moment, I just got the softest blanket for my bed....EVER! you're welcome for that information...thanks, Máthair! Irish Gifts

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