Sunday, September 20, 2009

Curse Thee Thursday Night!

Thursday night has been the best night of TV for a while now with Monday now coming in close. But let me talk about the season premieres this Thursday.

We'll start with Parks and Recreation. Oh my stars and garters! This episode was by far the most hilarious yet. Besides, there's penguins! In marrying two penguins, which Leslie thought would be cute, Leslie is publicly shown to be a gay activist due to the now-married penguins being gay. While the gay community has taken her in as a hero, the rest of the community has shunned her. Being from Indiana, I can tell you that's pretty reflective of Indiana! Anyway, funniest episode of any of the shows Thursday!

The Office! Disappointing in hilarity, but good! Stanley! Come on! Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone. Michael begins to spread rumors about everyone in The Office when he tries to hide a rumor that is the truth and will end up hurting people. Jam was pretty funny at the beginning. And I love how Erin and Kelly are quickly becoming best friends, where Erin even starts to dress and act like her. Though I liked Erin being really shy and happy about everything, I think it'll be fun to have her be outgoing and happy about everything. Kevin's one line was hilarious, like he always is. But overall, not as funny as it could've been or should've been.

Community. I suppose they were just setting up the cast, but it was lacking in anything spectacular. I think its got interesting characters, and I think it will pick up in terms of good plot and writing. But we'll see soon.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Dee and Charlie are my favorite characters, so I always love their own storylines. Dee wanting to be a surrogate mother, Charlie wanting to duel a lawyer for making him look like an idiot when he was "lawyer speaking." Guest starring Melanie Lynskey as the wife who wants to have a baby.

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