Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Growl for me!

In honor of the premiere of Cougar Town tonight on ABC, I think it's appropriate to compile a list of a nerd's top ten cougars. What qualifies as a cougar? Old enough to be a teen's mother, I'd say. So I'll go with mid 40s.

10. Mary Steenburgen: From Woody Allen's Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy to Elf, Mary Steenburgen lights up a room with her flighty, sweet voice. I wish she'd cook spaghetti for me...

9. Jane Seymour: Seymour was by far the sexiest bond lady EVER. She looked good decked out in western garb, but I began to lose respect for her when she started doing roles and movies like Wedding Crashers. Less sexy, more slutty. But because of Dr. Quinn and previous experiences, she still tops my list...and have you seen her?!

8. Robin Wright Penn: Princess Buttercup. Classic. Queen of the Wealthow. And she can sing? I couldn't stop listening to her two songs on the Beowulf soundtrack for two weeks when I saw the movie a few months ago (I should've seen it sooner with Neil Gaiman scripting it).

7. Famke Janssen: All I have to say is "Jean. Grey. Bad. Ass." Another Bond lady and classy actress. If only she could read my mind...

6. Faith Hill: I know to most, she'd probably top this list, but remember this is Nerdy Pop...I do think she's classy and beautiful and has a great set of pipes. She's not afraid to speak her mind. I like that in a lady. And she's not afraid to be herself, which is probably why she doesn't have more a fan base in her music and just her looks.

5. Megan Mullally: The only character I liked on Will & Grace, and, therefore, the only reason I watched was Karen Walker, the squeaky, drunken, pill-popping riot! And now she'll be a single mom looking for love in obviously the wrong places. And look...look at those glasses! That's hot.

4. Courteney Cox: I usually considered Monica the Friend that was most like me...clean freak, crazy, etc. Unfortunately it turns out I'm more like Ross...disappointing to say the least. I loved, loved, loved her as bitchy Lucy Spiller on Dirt, and I can't wait to watch her tonight.

3. Michelle Yeoh: Wowzas! A woman who does her won stunts and wields a sword and every other hand-combat weapon. I'll watch any movie she's in. And she tore my heart into shreds in Sunshine. She's the only reason why I tolerated the Mummy III. She's oh so sexy. Her voice, her poise, her....well, her.

2. Amanda Tapping: I love you, Madame Tapping. You own science-fiction as far as I'm concerned! Though I haven't seen her in her previous work, I have heard of her dedication to Stargate, and I've seen her dedication to the thrilling and complex Sanctuary. And damn, can she rock a ladyhat like crazy. See first episode for classic broad ladyhat. I've only seen Chely Wright rock it like her in her video for "Jezebel."

1. Mary McDonnell: I feel like I don't need to say anything, but I do. Because...I owe that to her. She's sexy beyond all sexiness. Her fantastic acting makes her even sexier. When she delivers the lines in "Blood on the Scales," she made me shiver and tremble with excitement and all sorts of good feelings in my pants. But why on earth would she guest star on Grey's Anatomy?! That almost pegged her down a notch, but since they have good music on their show, I let it slide. She played the most badass lady president ever, and I wish Laura Roslin could be ours one day. I hope Roslin guest stars on Sanctuary this season! I might explode!

Honorable mention: Cate Blanchett, solely for being the classiest, most talented performer to grace the big screen since Dame Judy Dench and Meryl Streep. And she's beautiful.


  1. It's funny, when I see Mary Steenburgen I can only think of her as Clara Clayton, Doc Emmett Brown's love interest in the third Back to the Future movie.

  2. I can't because, oddly, I haven't seen it. I always revert to Elf with her. I found her incredibly sexy in it for some reason. It was like a sexy Carol Brander (Julie Hagerty, who, interestingly, was in Midsummer with Steenburgen).

    Look at that pic of McDonnell!!! HOT!!!!