Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whitney Houston isn't having a Good Morning, America

One of the greatest vocalists of our time, Whitney Houston has certainly been on and off the radar for quite a while. Sadly, during that time, it seems as if her personal life issues (drugs, Bobby Brown, etc.) have overshadowed her amazing vocal talents. Set for a comeback with the release of her new single "I Look to You" and a new album, Whitney performed on Good Morning America yesterday. Unfortunately, this might be one of the more lackluster comeback performances I've seen... Whitney's vocals were quite strained, almost as if she had no voice, which she claims is due to a long-winded interview with Oprah that occurred prior to the performance - Oprah and long-winded? Imagine that...

Whitney's power vocals have created a really high expectation for her performances. People basically expect her to hit the powerful high notes that send chills up your spine every time she sings. Sadly, singers of this nature aren't allowed much room for error. In that respect, I feel for you, Whitney. In the clip of the performance, you will notice she has high energy and a bright smile, just not the strong, smooth, and silky vocals we're used to hearing from her. And with a live televised performance such as Good Morning America, one cannot really reschedule such an event. I commend you, Whitney, for giving it your all and doing the best that you could. No one can be expected to be on at 100% and give top-notch performances all the time and perhaps you simply just weren't having the best of mornings vocally. I mean, who can hit the high E above middle C at 8am? Seriously?

So what have learned? Well, even all-star performers have less than stellar performances sometimes...and when in doubt, blame Oprah.

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  1. I blame Oprah for a lot of things wrong in this world. As for the Lady Houston, I never found her to be to my liking. I think she ruined the simplicity of Dolly's "I Will Always Love You" and took out the quiet crying heartbreak of missing the one you love. But I guess it's another interpretation of a wonderful song. I can't blame her for trying to make it her own.