Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New on DVD: Safety in...Monsters?

Season 1 of SyFy's Sanctuary was released on DVD yesterday, Tuesday, September 15. Amanda Tapping has tapped into brilliant sci-fi noir. The sci-fi genres loves the Canadians, and it seems the Canadians love it, as the majority of sci-fi shows star the Red Leafers or frequently guest star them. Sanctuary, BSG, and Stargate often share cast members. Sanctuary stars Amanda Tapping as an all-around scientific genius; Robin Dunne as a confused psychologist; Emilie Ullerup as a badass hunter/gatherer; and Ryan Robbins as a tormented computer-savvy werewolf. Werewolf? Yes. Sanctuary is about a very secretive organization that finds and protects...missing links, like bigfoots and other cyptozoologists's dreams come true. Though they may be misunderstood and, therefore, feared and hated (much like my beloved X-Men), they are the key to our future...but how? And Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping) has many, many secrets and a long, long past that includes 150 years plus. Season 2 begins in a few weeks, October 9 (as far as I know). Great characters, intriguing and intricate plots, suspense, mystery, humor, fun, and glasses...mmm. Have a watch, you guys!

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